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#02/03 | scratchy textures || icon table codes

2 texture packs containing:

[x] 4 large (800x600) dust/noise textures
[x] 15 small (100x100) noise textures

download from

download from

PLEASE: leave a comment // credit p_precious // do not hotlink

I posted this already in the comments of my last icon post, but since a few people seemed to like the icon table, I thought you guys might be interested as well ^_^


(you can see a better preview in my last icon post xD)

Please comment if you should find a bug in the coding (i.e. if the whole thing looks messed up or something) or have any questions :)

Please read, if you have that giant gap of white space above the icon table
You probably forgot to close one of the <tr> or <td> tags. Whenever you open such a tag you'll also have to close it!
<tr> opens a new line in the table, so you'll have to have </tr> at the end of every line of your table.
<td> opens a new colum in your table, so you'll have to have </td> at the end of every colum.
The table works like this: <tr><td></td><td></td></tr> (i.e. the colums have to be inside the lines).
I know, confusing. Just take a look at the codes above and make sure when you put your icons in the table that you don't accidentally erase something important from the code.
Feel free to ask questions about the table or to post a link to your table if you can't find the error yourself.

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