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Texture Tutorial

allchanged requested a tutorial on how to make the kind of textures from one of my recent resources posts [here]. And I thought some of you guys might be interested in this as well :) But I have to warn you. It's not like I'd really know what I was doing when I made these. I love to go crazy on Photoshop :P
Please let me know if I messed something up or something is unclear.
I used PS CS2 to make these, but it should be easily translatable, at least to PSP.

This tutorial will show you how to turn a nice photo into some messy and grungy texture.

Please note: all images are scaled down! The original size of the texture is 1000x750 pixels.
The preview images in the tutorial are mini-versions. Just click on them to see a 500x375 sized version!


.01 First of all, find a picture that has some nice colors in it. I chose this one, because it has some nice blue and bown-ish organge in it. (As it will turn out later... the blue won't come out as strong as I initially wanted it to... but they usually don't so I'm a happy camper as long as I like the final result.)
To turn this photo (taken in Barcelona by my sister - please don't redistribute!) into a nice texture I decided to blur it a little. I felt if I didn't it would turn out to be a weirdly colored picture of a beach, a strange piece of art and some people.

I used the gaussian blur filter. I can't remember my exact numbers but they depend on the individual photo anyway. Just make sure that you can still recognize your colors, don't want to turn them into a big mushy brown mess. Otherwise you'll end up with a big mushy brown texture... which could be pretty, too, so you might as well try it :)


.02 Then I duplicated that blurry image twice and set both copies to screen at 100% opacity. Your image will look veeery light now, but that's okay, we'll fix it in the next steps.


.03 I took another photo with some nice warm orange-ish colors on it. [this one]
Paste it on top of your other - now blurry - photo and the copies (your layers should be: blurry photo - copy of blurry photo on screen - copy of blurry photo on screen - photo with warm colors).
The original is way bigger than the one I linked you to. I moved it around a bit and got this (#1) and then set it to color burn (#2).

Shiny, isn't it?

.04 I wanted to add some grungy-noisy-whatever stuff to my soon-to-be texture, so I took these scans (I made them a while ago and I don't think I ever uploaded them) and pasted them in as new layers on top of everything.

I set the first one to linear burn and the other two to color burn, all at a 100% opacity. This is what I got:


.05 Then I took a scan [this one] (scaled down, also made by me, you can find a slightly different, color enhanced version of it in this post) in order to add some more texture to the texture (xD) and bring out the colors a little more.
I moved it around a bit and covered some parts with a layer mask (#1) I set the blend mode to color burn at 100% and got this: (#2)


.06 Still not enough color, so I duplicated this layer (the scan from step 5) and got this:


.07 The texture wasn't grungy enough so I added this texture (made by gender, now dearest), inverted the colors and moved it around a bit. I set the blend mode to multiply.


.08 I took these two textures [1|2], both made by gender, added them as new layers, moved them around a bit, covered some parts with layer masks and set them both to screen.


.09 Yet another texture from gender, this one (the texture is huge!) set to screen at 50%.


.10 Then I took that same texture again and inverted the colors.
I set this layer to multiply at 100% and duplicated it (until it was grungy enough).


And that's pretty much it. I'm done.

As you may have noticed while going through this... I really don't have a plan for what kind of result I want to achieve. All this happens while I experiment, so that's what you should do. Take a picture with some nice colors and go crazy on it ;D
I'm having a blast making this kind of textures and I hope you will too!
I won't upload a psd for this! The file is HUGE! (over 100 MB for the original sized texture). If you want me to upload the original sized versions of scans and textures I used for this, just let me know! Please don't follow this tutorial step-by-step.

I'd love to know what you think and see some results :D

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