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Resources: 25 large textures

25 large textures; 2000x1490 px and up!

zip files
There are three zip files.
In the first one you'll find the full set. (No need to download the other files if you download this one!)
The second file contains only the black and white textures.
The third file contains only the colorful textures.

.01 - 25 textures (full set) (~124 MB)
.02 - 12 edited textures (black and white, ~44 MB)
.03 - 13 edited textures (colorful, ~81 MB)

individual links
Previews of all scans and individual links behind the cut!

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[*] Let me know if anything doesn't work/needs to be reuploaded!
[*] Not for commercial use!
[*] Enjoy!

You can find these and all my other textures, etc. on my website
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23 tv show icons (eureka, tbbt, tvd)

Some icons and alternates I made in the last weeks. I'm kind of rusty with Photoshop but I hope I'll find the time to practice and experiment more in the next weeks. And I totally fell in love with Eureka so be prepate to see more from the show, especially Zane/Jo! :D

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A very wordy tutorial... thing.

Hey, so this is the second part of the "ask the maker" questions and requests. I'm sorry it took me so long but... you'll see, there are a lot of words to make up for that.

I decided to go about this a little differently than I usually do with tutorials. I'll try to keep this things more general and not be icon-specific. I find coloring tutorials for specific icons always not very useful, because they rarely work on other images. And punching in a bunch of numbers isn't really what any of this should be about anyway.
I will only focus on coloring things here and not go into cropping choices and sharpening and things.

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Tutorial: Deeks!

Hello, hello.
I case you missed it, icon_talk is having a great little thing called "ask the maker" where you can request tutorials and ask icon makers questions about their technique and stuff.

So this is my first post with a tutorial that has been requested over there. Feel free to keep requesting tutorials or ask me questions (my thread!). I'll try to get everything done as soon as possible.


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Please let me know if I messed up or if any of the images don't work!